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'Welcome to The Limelight Academy, Manchester. Our mission is to bring children and young adults with special needs in to the limelight. We strongly believe that with the right teaching (enabling students to work at a suitable pace and through visual learning) that students are able to perform at the highest level, whether this be through the medium of dance, singing or acting. Whether a child or young adult has aspirations to perform on stage or the big screen, or if they would just like to build their confidence and self-esteem, then we have a class for both!   


Research has shown that children and young adults with disabilities who work in a group can achieve much higher levels of self confidence and self esteem that would be other wise impossible in isolation.


All lessons are taught by industry professionals, Book your first class, term begins on Saturday 1st October!!  HERE NOW! (Spaces are limited and are given on a first come first serve basis)  

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'People who shine from within don't need a spotlight'
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Do you like to sing in the shower or are you the next big thing? 

Develop your skills in rhythm and voice, learn to sing in a group and project your voice. Build on confidence and improve your self esteem. Express yourself freely in a group, this is a great way to socialise with people with the same passion as you!

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From fun games and role play to script reading! Acting helps young people with additional needs to express themselves and their emotions, Improving concentration, memory and developing creativity



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Do you love to dance?

Learn a range of dances including Contemporary, Street Dance and Musical Theatre from industry professionals!! Dance is amazing for encouraging intentional movement, developing motor skills.Lessons are taught at a suitable pace to help each student progress!

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