Group Classes

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ACT 1 - SATURDAY  - 1 and 1/2 hour lesson with a 15 minute refreshment break.


Confidence building through performing arts. Each class will begin with a body and vocal warm up (through games and fun exercise) This will be followed by a dance session (working on co-ordination and body movement) and finally group singing. This class is an introduction into performing arts, and enjoyable session to help students to build confidence and it will also allow your child to look towards the future to decide if they would like to continue with a career in theatre or television. By allowing students to work together , they will be able to build on their levels of self-confidence and self-esteem which would otherwise would not be possible in isolation.

Welcome to our Saturday Academy which runs during school term. (Please download the schedule for exact dates) All of our classes are limited to 15 per class. This allows us to work as one large group and also in three smaller groups, allowing students to work together using role-play and performance to build confidence and self-esteem. Research has shown that children and young adults with disabilities who work in a group can achieve much higher levels of self confidence and self esteem that would be other wise impossible in isolation.This is to ensure that all students get the necessary help they need to progress. We do not separate our classes based on age and this is to ensure that all students regardless of age are placed in a class that is suitable for their ability and their passion for performing. All our classes are taught by industry professionals and each class has been developed to ensure that every child benefits from joining The Limelight Academy. Performing together helps students to express themselves creatively whilst having lots of fun!

All of our students will work towards our end of term showcase which this term will be....'The Greatest Showman!'

Each lesson is £12, which includes 1 and 1/2 hour performing arts class and also includes a 15 minute refreshment break.

(Refreshments included)


ACT 11 - SATURDAY - 1 and 1/2 hour lesson with a 15 minute refreshment break.


The intermediate class is for students who want to develop a further in performing arts. They may already have some experience of performing and have a real passion for improving on their skills. Students will begin each class with a body and vocal warm up. Students will then complete sessions in acting, singing and dancing. Lessons are broken down to enable students to learn at a suitable pace. Any activities and games are adapted where necessary to allow everyone to participate and enjoy!


ACT 111 - SATURDAY - 1 and 1/2 hour lesson with a 15 minute refreshment break.


The advanced class is for students who have already begun their journey into performing arts and are wanting to advance to a higher level. We believe that through hard work any child regardless of any additional needs , is able to perform at the highest level.  Students will have a body and vocal warm up, followed by a dance class (which will push students to perform at the highest level) Dance classes will vary between street dance, ballet, modern and musical theatre. Acting sessions to help students gain confidence on stage or in front of a camera and getting them familiar with script reading. The session will finish with a singing rehearsal , to improve vocals and vocal strength. All advanced sessions are taught by musical theatre professionals who will work with your child to get the best out of their performance.

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FINAL ACT - SATURDAY - 1 and 1/2 hour lesson


Our adult class for young adults aged 18-25. This is the final act, which means time to get serious!! Do you want a career in acting? Can you sing? Dance? Fancy yourself as an extra? Let our musical theatre professionals help you to improve your skills. Command a stage! Learn the in's and out's of the performer lifestyle. Improve your stage presence and learn to speak to camera! Oh and mostly, let's have some fun!! Check out our Hall of Fame page! Anything is possible when you step into the limelight!!



Why TLA?

We have developed each session so that their is something for everyone! We strongly believe that the performance arts are one of the best things to help children and young adults with additional needs to gain confidence and build self esteem, therefore we have devised our classes to encompass as many students as possible. We have more advanced classes which is open to children who have a real passion for performing but may have struggled at the speed of a regular dance or acting class. 



How do I decide what class is best for my child?​​


The first day is our casting day. All students will take part in a group singing, acting and dancing class (all in groups) We specialise in working with larger groups of students with additional needs and each student will be placed in a class where they will thrive and grow. We will contact each parent/carer to confirm their child's place for the next term.



How much does each session cost?​​ 

Each 1 and half hour session costs £12. This includes a 15 minute refreshment break. It is difficult for some of our students to concentrate for longer periods of time. Their will be a 45 class, followed by a 15 minute break and then a following 30 minute class. During each session; dance, acting or role-play and singing will be included.

Can I stay with my child during the lesson?

Parents/carers etc are welcome to stay with their child. We try and encourage independence in each child as we have found that many children perform more freely when they are able to rehearse independently.