Our mission is to bring children and young adults with special needs in to the limelight. We strongly believe that with the right teaching, enabling students to work at a suitable pace and through visual learning, that students are able to perform at the highest level, whether this be through the medium of dance, singing or acting.

Whether you're child has aspirations to perform on stage or the big screen, or if they would just like to build their confidence as we promote independence and help build a brighter future for children with autism, down syndrome and learning difficulties. The arts offer an excellent way for your child to express his or herself and boost their self-confidence.


We limit our classes to 6 students per two members of staff. This can ensure the safety of all during covid19. Research has shown that children and young adults with disabilities who work in a group can achieve much higher levels of self confidence and self esteem that would be other wise impossible in isolation. Each performer has their own 'stage' to perform to enable us to achieve the benefits of group work but without any physical contact.

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