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A fun for all workshop every week for us all to sing and dance and make some new friends! Our workshops have a maximum capacity of 6 students and 2 staff members, this is to ensure that we can deliver our sessions safely. 

We have a new home!! Our current studio will not be reopening until September therefore we have had to find a new place to play and here it is!














The Castle Community Centre is run by the Patricroft Community Community Group CIC. They currently support the local community and at present they support an additional needs support group. We are looking forward to sharing this lovely space over the summer holidays. For any further information or if you would like to take a look at the difference they have made to vulnerable children's lives over the lock down period please visit The Castle Community Centre website!


The community room has disabled access and disabled toilet facilities. There is also a small kitchen but we ask that during this time, students and parents/carers bring their own drink and refrain from using the kitchen.


Unlike our term time academy, our workshops are split into age groups and each class will be a fabulous mix of all things performing!! We will be learning some new dance routines, singing some amazing songs and most importantly having lots of fun!!!

We are opening TLA over the summer holidays after the response we received from a parent survey that we sent out to families. We wanted to understand whether it was something that would be beneficial to families.  We understand the difficulties that can and may have occurred due to the lack of routine and interaction that our students have been able to receive over the last few months and how much further children could be affected if they were unable to communicate with their peers. 

Summer Camp Workshops

Saturday - 12.00pm - 1.15pm   (Ages 8 - 12)  

Saturday - 1.30pm - 2.45pm (Ages 13 - 17)

Saturday - 3.00pm - 4.15pm (Ages 18+)


Tuesday - 4.30pm - 5.45pm (Ages 8 - 12)

Tuesday - 6.00pm - 7.15pm (Ages 13 - 17)


 - CLICK HERE to complete your booking, payment will then be taken to secure your workshop!


- Our summer workshops are grouped according to age unlike our term time academy. Each workshop will be based around performing arts, however each activity will be carefully delivered in accordance with government regulations at the time of each workshop as this is subject to change.


- We will forward any payment received onto a future workshop once your child is feeling better. If they are required to self isolate and their are no further workshops that any monies received will be refunded.

TLA @ The Castle, Eccles
TLA @ The Castle, Eccles
TLA @ The Castle, Eccles



To enable us to open and deliver a safe environment for everyone to enjoy, all safety measures have been put in place and in accordance with Public Health England and the Local Authority. Here is the governments full current guidance, including current legislation for educational and childcare settings including guidance on vulnerable children and young adults;

As per the governments current legislation, TLA have taken the following steps:-

1) Workshops will open with restricted numbers of 6 students and 2 staff members per session.

2) Students will have a 'taped dance space' which will enable them to move freely and enjoy group work whilst maintaining social distancing.

3) All workshops have been developed so that each student will be able to enjoy group interactions with their fellow 'TLA Cast Members' but no student will be asked to complete any tasks/games that involves any hand to hand contact.

4) Additional cleaning is being adhered to at The Castle, Eccles to maintain the highest standards of hygiene. We have also allowed time in between each workshop to ensure that again extra cleaning can take place.

5) We have not included a 'snack break' and use of the current kitchen will not be permitted to staff, students or parents.

6) We ask that students do not share their drinks with anyone else in the group.

7) Students must use the sanitising gel prior to entering the building and will also be encouraged during the session to reapply.

8) We understand that it will be very daunting for our students on the first day and if needed, parents are welcome to sit in the community centre. We ask that social distancing rules are adhered to at all times and parents sit separate from each other (these areas will also be marked clearly)

9) As workshop classes must be kept to a maximum of 6 students and all families must book prior. TLA WORKSHOPS BOOKING FORM.

10) We are also only able to open at present if your child is able to understand and follow social distancing rules. 

11) Payment must be taken when booking. This will remove the option of cash payments taken on the day. This will also secure your child's future workshop/s.

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